CMC Articles

Articles and information from our team at CMC Hobbies.

Some of this info is from ourselves directly, some info is from other experienced modellers, and shared here for the benefit of all.

Falcon Prop selection chart for gas engines

 Piston seizures and reading piston wash - by CMC Hobbies

GP 61cc Engine Manual

GP 88cc Engine Manual

GP 123cc Engine Manual

GP 176cc Engine Manual

CMC Hobbies Gas Engine Manual

Throttle servo geometry - how to correctly setup your throttle servo to achieve a liner response on your Walbro carb.

How to replace a spark plug cap on an RCEXL ignition module -  a step by step guide. (2,5Mb with photos)

Gas Engine cooling - a very well documented article by one of the best in the industry on gas engine cooling

Oil - More oil is less, less oil is more, more is more, less is less - by gordon jennings.

The 2 stroke Tuners Handbook - again Gordon Jennings, the 2 stroke Guru!

Correct rudder Servo Geometry - Pull-pull setups

as time permits we will continue to add to this list from our database of info we have collected over the years.