Buckle up and experience the fascinating world of warbirds. 

The Yakovlev Yak-11 was designed in 1944 by Alexander Yakovlev especially for advanced training of fighter pilots. He has incorporated all the benefits of his experience with the extremely successful Jag-Injager series Jak-1,7,9 and 3 and combined it with a reliable radial engine. 
The two-seat machine was used by all member states of the Warsaw Pact as well as in the Middle East, Austria and China. The span of the military machine, which was mainly made in the Czech Republic, was 9.40 meters and was blown through an air-cooled 7-cylinder radial engine with 700 hp.
Staufenbiel brings to the YAK-11 replica of a scale model on the market, which convinced not only by its detailed design, but especially by its powerful and true to the original flight pattern. 

Developed by Stefan Wurm
The prototype of this YAK-11 was developed by the well-known airshow pilot Stefan Wurm. 

Lightweight and sturdy construction
 The model is made of particularly dense and strong EPO-35 rigid foam material. The material is not only very light, but also very robust. Small damage can be repaired quickly and easily with superglue. 

Powerful drive
In the YAK-11 from Staufenbiel a powerful brushless drive is built in - consisting of a 410KV external rotor motor and a Hobbywing 80A regulator with 5A UBEC, the model is powered by a 6S battery. Combined with the APC propeller, this results in a powerful flight pattern and official climb performance. The model still remains stable in the air. 

Retractable landing gear
The military trainer has an installed retractable landing gear with scale proportions. On the ground, the machine can be directed with the hinged tail wheel in the correct position. 

Large faithful expansion flaps
In order to reduce the approach speed for landing, YAK-11 large hinged flaps are hinged and installed, thus allowing particularly controlled landings. Here, too, shows the intensive development work, since the model does not need depth control addition with set flaps. 

True to original look
The model offers many scale details. There are also imitated rivet and sheet joints, exhaust dummies and a painted pilot's doll. But not only the appearance of the model but also the flight pattern, with the characteristic Jakowlew wing geometry, is in no way inferior to the great original. 

Fast final assembly
The built-in electronics and high degree of prefabrication allow the model to be assembled in less than 30 minutes.


  • Military machine with built-in motor, controls and servos
  • developed by Stefan Wurm
  • numerous scale details and pilot doll
  • strong and faithful flight characteristics, fully aerobatic
  • large flaps hinged ready
  • high speed range from 37 to 162 km / h (measured with GPS)
  • powerful brushless drive installed
  • 6 built-in digital servos with metal gears
  • in the rear built-in height and rudder servos (direct linkage)
  • Magnetically secured pitot tube - simply removable before transport
  • made of sturdy EPO hard foam material
  • Carbon fiber reinforcements in the wings and flaps
  • very short final assembly time
  • including APC propeller and spinner
  • detailed and richly illustrated assembly instructions in German, English and French

Required accessories

  • Remote control system with min. 6 channels
  • 6S LiPo battery with 5000mAh
  • compatible LiPo charger
  • optional: 3-axis stabilization system

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