The Next Generation of Sport Jet

The FlexJet combines modern aerodynamics with sport jet practicality and performance. The modern planform includes features such as a clipped delta wing, LERX's (Leading Edge Root Extensions), and a dog tooth leading edge to offer great characteristics through a wide angle of attack range.

The FlexJet is designed by the Flex Innovations team including Top Gun Champion and internationally known jet designer David Ribbe with aerodynamic collaboration from F3A World Champion Quique Somenzini. The construction is EPO foam with multiple carbon spars and joiner tubes in the wings and tail surfaces. Plywood is also used where required.

The inlet lips and ducting are expertly engineered to provide efficient thrust over a wide speed range. The take-off thrust and acceleration are especially impressive. The plastic tailpipe is lightweight and offers smooth airflow while allowing access to internal components. Fuselage mounted main landing gear is set near the CG for easy ground handling and take-off rotation. The long travel trailing-link struts smooth out the bumps and take the drama out of landings. Timing of the retracts and doors is automatically sequenced. The generous side area, a mid-set wing, and a large rudder make knife edge flight a breeze. All-moving " flying stabs" give excellent pitch control at all speeds, and can even act as ailerons in specific high performance flight modes.

The Aura 8 advanced flight control system offers a highly refined 3-axis gyro to make the Jet fly like it is bigger and flying in less wind! Due to its advanced implementation, it will feel like there is nothing in the way of the pilot! The Aura also allows the Jet to be delivered with advanced expertly tuned features and parameters already in place. An example of this is the expert programs 'Tailerons' which make the all-moving horizontal stabs act as elevators and ailerons in one flight mode with no extra user programming and using even a basic 6-channel transmitter.

These features combine to offer a jet that carries energy, flies big, and performs more like a turbine jet than a typical foam EDF. Altogether it is an unbeatable performer.

Aura 8 connects via USB to your windows Tablet or PC, ensuring you have full adjustment of all settings and the latest firmware updates from the Flex Innovations Team.

  • Pre-Programmed Aura 8 AFCS with Firmware v1.6 (installed)
  • Expertly Engineered Ducting and Inlet Lips for Power and Efficiency
  • Modern Aerodynamics for High Performance and Easy Handling
  • Electric Retracts with Door Sequencer (installed)
  • Metal Trailing-Link Struts with Rubber Downstops (installed)
  • Metal Clevis Connections on all Flight Control Surfaces
  • EPO Construction with Carbon Fiber Spars and Joiner Tubes
  • Ball Bearing Supported and Balanced All-Moving Stabilators
  • Large Battery Compartment from top with single Latch for easy Access

  • 11 Blade 90mm Ducted-Fan for Amazing Performance and Sound (installed)
  • Potenza 60BLDF 1450kv Motor for excellent Power and Efficiency (installed)
  • Hobby Wing 80A ESC with external BEC 8A at 5V (installed)
  • (5) Potenza DS15 Digital Metal Gear Flight Control Servos (installed)
  • (4) Potenza DS12 Digital Servos for Doors and Nosewheel Steering (installed)
  • 4 to 6 minute flight times depending on battery choice and throttle management
  • Wide choice of batteries 4000 to 5200 mAh (6S)
  • Custom Trim Scheme and Decals Applied

    Key Features:

    Flight Stabilization Installed

    Expertly Engineered Ducting

    Digital Servos and Metal Clevises

    Potenza 60BLDF Motor

    11 Blade 90mm Ducted Fan

    Trailing Link Struts

    • Flight Battery: LiPo 6S 4000 to 5200mAH 40C+
    • 6+ Channel Computer Transmitter
    • 6+ Channel Radio Receiver (see manual)
    • Battery Charger
    • 3 Additional Male to Male servo leads (FPZAU01).
      (if connecting to receiver with 4 traditional (PWM) Servo connections)

    Always check the WIKI for the latest Manual Updates and User Advice and Information!

    Wingspan:41.6"1056 mm
    Length:55.1''1400 mm
    Weight:6 lb 7 oz2.92 kg (with 6S 4000 battery)
    Fan:11 Blade90mm nominal diameter
    MotorPotenza 60 Outrunner1450kv
    Channels:6*6+ channel computer transmitter 
    *Requires Flight Modes and Retracts
    Battery:6S 4000-5200 mAh 40C or higher for best performance

    For Spektrum users, our highest recommended receiver is the AR8010T or AR9030T

    For Futaba users, our highest recommended FASST receiver is the R7008SB or R6303SB. For FHSS, the R2008SB.

    With our flying style as shown, flight time is about 4:20 on 6S 4200mAh, and about 5:30 on 6S 5200mAh 

    FlexJet with Seth Arnold - One Battery on 6S 4200 - No Cuts!
    Pushing the limits!
    Flight Time as shown with 4200mAh - 4:20 (5200mAh would be 5:30)

    FlexJet with David Ribbe - One Battery on 6S 4200 - No Cuts

    Classic Jet Flying!
    Flight Time as shown with 4200mAh - 4:25 (5200mAh would be 5:35)

    FlexJet Grass Field Operations and Landing Gear Details

    Designed for grass!
     Long-Throw Trailing Link Struts absorb the bumps and make the tires act bigger! 
    Low Weight on Nose Wheel - Lighter Springs in Back - Stiffer Spring in Front: All for easy takeoff rotation and less 'diving'.
    Inlet and Inlet Lip designed for great thrust at all speeds - especially at low speeds. 

    Some Tips to install the Stabs and Tailpipe

    Supplements the Manual

    Full Build Video

    Supplements the Manual

    Click on the YouTube Logo and you will have an Index on the YouTube Page 

    See also the WIKI 

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